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    Posted by Keith Pottratz April 9

    Hello Everyone,

      i regret to inform all of you that due to some issues that myself and the other co-owner have. As well as no longer having funds to run this. I am shutting mypath down at the end of the month. We had a great run to be hoenst but I no longer am able to run it. I am keeping the domain registered as it is my domian. However MyPath will no longer exist at this level.  Ontop of all of it we haven't really achieved any great goal with this website nor did the amount of people join or be active like we thought it would. I'm sorry to inform all of you of this but it must be done.

    Thank you all for joining mypath and making a great community for what it is!

    Thanks again!


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  • Brent Field
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  • Brian  Wolf
    Brian Wolf Really bummed the site is shutting down...you all have made a huge impact in my life over the past six months, I hope we can all meet up on other sites...my facebook is htt...  more
    • Tue at 1:15 AM
  • Meritt Mafari
    Meritt Mafari So uh....MyPath is shutting down? Huge bummer. Sometimes things take awhile to get off the ground...especially sites for niche people like us. If anyone wants to keep in touch when this place is gone, send me a message and we can link up on Skype or Faceb...  more
    • Mon at 3:13 PM
  • Brian  Wolf
    Brian Wolf Something amazing happened to me yesterday.  Quick backstory, two months ago I attended my friend's "what is your spirit animal" guided meditation.  I saw owls in said meditation and ever since I have been seeing owls everywhere...In my dreams, ...  more
    • April 13
  • Brian  Wolf
    Brian Wolf likes the blog Tarot Card Project:
    • April 13
  • Meritt Mafari
    Meritt Mafari A bit of watercolor to start my day and hopefully bring some good creative energy into this huge pile of homework!
    • April 13
  • Shara Ilmatar Ahtisaari
    Shara Ilmatar Ahtisaari wrote a new blog entry:
    • April 13
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    • Shara Ilmatar Ahtisaari
      Shara Ilmatar Ahtisaari I've never actually bought a deck that I didn't have the opportunity to look through or get a feel for first, this Viking deck is the first deck I've bought off the Internet.
      • Mon at 3:57 PM
    • Shara Ilmatar Ahtisaari
      Shara Ilmatar Ahtisaari Or... Not... Maybe I'll start a blog doing this project anyway... Anyone who wants to join in the project still is welcome to do so and I'd be happy to link you where I'll keep everything when I figure out later where that will be.
      • Mon at 4:05 PM
    • Shara Ilmatar Ahtisaari
      Brian Wolf I can post some tomorrow night if you want to see them, the deck I couldn't remember was the Hanson-Roberts deck.
      • Mon at 11:21 PM
    • Shara Ilmatar Ahtisaari
      Brian Wolf are there any specific cards you would like to see from each deck so you can compare...like maybe the same card?
      • Mon at 11:45 PM
    • Shara Ilmatar Ahtisaari
      Shara Ilmatar Ahtisaari So yeah, if anyone else had any interest in following this project, it looks like I'll be moving it over here for now http://tarotcardproject.blogspot.com
      • 9 hours ago
  • John Zugmaier
    John Zugmaier
    • April 12
  • Blacmist
    Blacmist likes the video Britain's Wicca Man: Modern Pagan Witchcraft Documentary:
    Britain's Wicca Man: Modern Pagan Witchcraft Documentary
    A documentary by Britain's leading expert on the modern witchcraft religion of Wicca. He tells us about one of Wicca's most influential pioneers, Gerald B Gardner. This is a MUST SEE for all Wiccans and modern witches. Featuring the lovely Olivia (Pagypt...
    • April 10
  • Blacmist
    Blacmist likes the video WITCHCRAFT IN CORNWALL:
    https://www.youtube.com/user/medieval8888 Book Autor -BRIGHID- http://www.jahreskreisfeste.de http://about.me/otherworldimport pagan,wicca, sorcier,Gothic,Steampunk,pagan­isme,esoterik grosshandel,medievalwicca, witch, Sorcière, hexen, pagan, samhain...
    • April 10
  • Clytie
    Clytie How is everyone on this peaceful day?
    • April 8
  • Clytie
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  • Amanda MacNeil
    Amanda MacNeil I haven't been on a in a while, I hope all you lovely people have been well :)
    • April 5
  • Shara Ilmatar Ahtisaari
    Shara Ilmatar Ahtisaari likes the photo Hail Odin!:
    • April 5
  • Shara Ilmatar Ahtisaari